Use ITFlow's API to work with ITFlow in scripts and (eventually) third-party apps.

The current version of the ITFlow API is v1. It can be accessed at /api/v1/{module}/{function}.php

Modules with API support at present

  • assets
  • certificates
  • clients
  • contacts
  • domains
  • networks
  • software
  • tickets

API Functions

  • read
  • create (partial)
  • update (partial)

Generating an API Key

  1. Navigate to the Admin panel
  2. Click on API
  3. Click on New Key to generate a new key

Request Methods

  • GET - Retrieving (READ) data
  • POST - Inserting (CREATE), Updating (UPDATE) or Deleting (DELETE) data

Data Returned

  • Success - True/False
  • Message - Failure info / Helpful debug info
  • Count - Count of rows affected/returned
  • Data - The data requested/created/changed


  • For read requests, 50 records are shown by default. This can be adjusted by supplying the limit and offset parameters.
  • For POST requests, the client_id parameter is always required if the API key used has scope/access to all clients
  • Be sure to check your Apache/PHP error logs if you're running into issues

API Docs/Examples

Documentation / an example of how to use a module API endpoint is shown on that module's doc page. Additional examples are available here.