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Tickets allow you to easily track issues and service requests from your clients.


There are currently two main views for tickets

  • All tickets (from all clients)

  • Client-specific tickets - accessed via a client's view/page


  • Subject
  • Ticket description
  • Client & Contact
  • Priority (low/med/high)
  • Status (open, working, hold, auto-close, closed)
  • Related asset (future feature is to allow multiple assets)


  • Agent Assignment/Re-assignment

  • Custom ticket prefix

  • Time tracking

  • Email integration

  • Private/internal notes

  • Merging
  • Scheduled tickets

  • Invoicing

  • Close - Once a ticket is closed, it cannot be re-opened
  • Auto-close tickets - sends a friendly chaser message before automatically closing the ticket for good

Email Ticketing

Registered client contacts can create/update tickets via e-mail.

  • Configure at: Settings > Mail:
    • IMAP Host, Port, Encryption
    • Ticket from email/name
  • Turn on: Settings > Ticket > Email-to-ticket parsing
  • Add a cron job to run email_parser_cron.php every min


  • Client notifications can be configured to be sent on ticket creation & closure (“Send clients general notification emails”)
  • New ticket email notifications can be configured to a email/distribution list, so your team is always aware of new tickets (“Email address to notify when new tickets are raised”)
  • IN PROGRESS: Agents will be notified when assigned a ticket & when their assigned ticket is replied to / updated


  • Only supports basic authentication (no oAuth) for now - a “nice to have” in the future
  • Emails from unregistered contacts without a ticket reference are ignored (unless the from domain matches a domain registered in ITFlow)



Read - Retrieve ticket information (/read.php) (GET)

  • Default / No params - Returns all tickets
  • ticket_id - Specific ticket ID from the ITFlow database (may, but usually shouldn't, differ from ticket number)
Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "" | ConvertTo-Json
    "success":  "True",
    "count":  1,
    "data":  [
                     "0":  "3",
                     "ticket_id":  "3",
                     "1":  "TCK-",
                     "ticket_prefix":  "TCK-",
                     "2":  "3",
                     "ticket_number":  "3",
                     "3":  null,
                     "ticket_category":  null,
                     "4":  "Computer broken",
                     "ticket_subject":  "Computer broken",