By choosing to enable telemetry (Data Collection), you provide us with valuable insights to help us prioritize and enhance our development efforts.

Information gathered

  • Name of your company
  • Installation ID (see config.php)
  • Location details: City, State, and Country
  • Currency used
  • Any comments you may have
  • Counts of items in tables (such as total contacts, total clients, etc.)

Data collection occurs at the following times

  • During the initial installation process
  • When updates are installed
  • When the cron job is executed
  • Manually, through the telemetry settings

Note: You need to actively opt in for us to collect data - see Settings > Telemetry

How we use the data

  • All data collected will be used exclusively for improving ITFlow - we won't sell your data or share it with third parties
  • If you'd like us to delete your data, please create a forum post requesting this with your installation ID