Basic configuration settings for ITFlow exist in config.php. This file is automatically generated during setup. You may need to tweak these values occasionally.

MariaDB Database details

  • $dbhost - Database host (generally localhost, but doesn't have to be)
  • $dbusername - Username to login to database
  • $dbpassword - Password to login to database
  • $database - Database name (e.g. ITFlow)
  • $mysqli - PHP Variable used to connect to database throughout app

Setup enabled

  • $config_enable_setup - Used to prevent re-setting up ITFlow once installed & setup

Install ID

  • $installation_id - Used to track your installation when opted in to telemetry

Repo Branch

  • $repo_branch - Used to specify the GitHub branch to update against (master)

Application instance name

  • $config_app_name - Name of your app, will appear in various places (e.g. myITFlow)

Application URL

  • $config_base_url - The home/base URL for your app. This is used when generating/sending links (cron, client portal SSO, emailed ticket updates) (e.g.

HTTPS enabled status

(Intended for development purposes only)

  • $config_https_only - If you need ITFlow to work without HTTPS, you need to set this variable to false. Otherwise login cookies won't be set, and you will not be able to login.

GET IP Method

(Not configured by default)


By default, ITFlow will retrieve IP addresses using PHP's REMOTE_ADDR. If you are using a reverse-proxy, you'll need to configure ITFlow to use the Forwarded For header instead.