• Ubuntu Server with root shell access (SSH)
  • Some packages: Apache, MariaDB, PHP, etc
  • Familiarity with the Linux shell
  • A little patience and willingness to troubleshoot when things go wrong

Choose your Installation Method

ITFlow is written in PHP and works best on Apache with MariaDB as the back-end database. We recommend running ITFlow on Ubuntu using the installation script.

You're more than welcome to try other methods and ways of running ITFlow, but it will be bumpy & have very limited support. We assume that if you're comfortable enough to deviate from the methods above, you're comfortable to debug the entire stack on your own.

Post-installation essential housekeeping

A few steps to ensure everything stays running smoothly:

  • Backups: Especially your master encryption key
  • Config.php: Check you don't need to add any specific variables (e.g. not using HTTPS)
  • Cron: For scheduled activities (the install script adds these for you)
  • Email Configuration: To send outbound emails (invoicing, tickets, etc)
  • Email to Ticket: To receive inbound ticketing emails