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Q: Do you offer hosting for ITFlow?

A: Not currently - you must host ITFlow yourself.

Q: Where/How to request features?

A: The forum

Q: Where/How to get product support?

A: The forum is the place for all queries. Donators may access private support.

Q: When will ITFlow be out of Beta/stable?

A: Approx Quarter 2 of 2024

Q: Can we hide/disable the invoicing parts of ITFlow?

A: Sure, go to Settings > Modules to hide the module areas you don't need to see.

Q: Do you have an API?

A: Yes - still a work in progress. Check out the /api/ directory

Q: Can you add direct integration with X?

A: Probably not. Generally speaking, we'd prefer people build/share scripts that utilize the API. This allows for a lot more flexibility.

Q: Files that are larger than 2MB do not upload?

A: We have a hard limit of 20MB per file set in the code of ITFlow, but there is also a limit set by PHP by default edit /etc/php/php.ini file and change the following options to:

upload_max_filesize = 20M

post_max_size = 20M